How to join

Login or register for your account. Sign ups for events are based on First-Come-First-Serve

1. Login with your existing account or One-Click login with the facebook button

2. Go to the sign up section or events tab

3. Click I’m attending to sign up for the game of your choice

4. Click “See who RSVPed” to see your sign up rank

5. Sign up rank

– If it is within player Cap, you are 100% in for the game.
– If your rank is not within player Cap, input your whatsapp number in the comments area below. You will be removed from the list if you do not add your number

– If a game has 15 as CAP: Numbers 1-15 are within cap
– If a game has 24 as CAP: Numbers 1-24 are withing cap
and so on.

For plus-ones: NO plus ones will be added.

Signing out
1. Sign out at least one day before the game(midnight): No consequences
2. Sign out on game day: SIGN OUT ON THE WEBSITE and TEXT the organizer: Pay HKD 60 if game is not filled to cap in reality(not based on list online, people outside of cap might not be available anymore)
3. Sign out on game day on website WITHOUT Texting organizer: Pay HKD 120. Payable next game you play
4. No show/forgot to sign out: Penalty HKD 300. Banned from all games, until we have received their HKD300 by bank transfer. Waived if you have official proof of medical emergency. If penalty is not paid within 6 months; you will be permanently banned.
Efforts to negotiate will result in permanent ban.

– HKD 30, 40 or 60

For all our games, there is at least one organizer. In his role, he manages the following:
– Create teams
– On-pitch organization
– Collect the fee