Why CFN?
Casual Football Network is an initiative from a football enthusiast. Since arriving in Hong Kong early 2008, he has looked all over the city to find a casual game. He started organizing casual games since early 2009 in Tung Chung and CFN was established to attract more like-minded people to come together for a game of football.

Present day
Currently, CFN organizes at least seven games per week with the help of its very dedicated members, whom organizes the different games. See the Games-section for more info.

The game organizers are:
– Arturo Salazar
– Iain Gray
– Tug Iquel
– Harm Philippens
– Christian Frick
– Dom Mroziski
– Ed Chan
– Wayne Ho(admin)

If our usual organizers are not available, other members will take over part the organization.

On-Pitch behaviour
The games that CFN organizes are mainly for fun, getting the regular exercise and to de-stress from your work week. We encourage a little competitiveness and occasional yelling/swearing is accepted. However, verbal assault is not. Please be respectful to your team mates of the particular game. It will increase your team’s performance if you coach your team mates. Try to organize the team that you are in(that day) and make the best of it. No matter what your playing level is, just give it your best!

Football is a contact sport, tackles, pressure, and a shoulder push here and there is no problem. But, keep it clean and do not tackle aggressively.


We always create teams on the pitch with the available players. To avoid any confusion during the game, we ask our players to bring 2-3 different colored shirts:
– Light colored top(white, light grey etc)
– Blue/Dark colored top
– Red/Orange top

Furthermore, we advise you to use shinguards for your own protection. Eventhough it is Casual Football, accidents do happen.
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