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Hi everyone,
The reason why Tung Chung games are still running eventhough it means that i have to wake up every Saturday morning before 7am, is that i really enjoy playing the games there. I have to admit that i have not enjoyed myself the past weeks and my motivation to wake up on Saturdays has dropped a lot. Casual Football Network is growing, which is great, but everyone has to keep to the rules and listen to the organizer. If everyone does what they feel like, it will be total anarchy.

There are a few reasons for that:
-General behaviour towards eachother, unfriendliness, verbal assualts, no respect for the organization(me)
-No sportsmanship: Trying to get away with clear hand balls, ball over the side line etc.
-Dangerous/risky play style: rough charges, dangerous plays(foot at shoulder level), ruthless tackles(red card worthly in real matches).

All the above has to stop and it will stop starting this Sunday.
-Verbal assaults will be fined with HKD50
-Rough Charges and dangerous will be fined with HKD75
-Ruthless tackles will be fined with HKD100
I will be the one enforcing the above.

I hope i won’t have to fine anyone, but if i have no choice, the amount will be used for beers during our next social event. It is not the intention to get money from you, the fines are meant to change the mindset during the TC games. If the mindset does not change the coming month, i will consider cancelling the TC-games. Let’s have enjoyable games as we were used to from now one! Wayne

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  1. Avatar of lucian

    lucian - May 2, 2010, 12:20 pm

    I agree with you 100%.

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