New organization structure

I would like to inform you about CFN’s future. I am very happy to announce that several of our dedicated members agreed to join the CFN team. Together, we will secure CFN’s future and make it CFN an even more enjoyable group, on-pitch and off-pitch.

Happy Valley Weekday and Saturday organizers:
– Wayne Ho (Wayne(admin))
– Arturo Salazar, stand-in (Arturosc)

Happy Valley Sunday organizers:
– Jim Kwok (Jimk)
– Wayne Ho, stand-in

Tung Chung Sunday organizers:
– Tim Gnaedig (Number11)
– Matt Ng, stand-in (Matski)

The organizer’s role:
– Encourage signup for these games through private message, email, text/call etc
– Control the player cap
– (equal) team creation during games
– Collect the fee
– Back-up pitch booker

Social gathering “Casual Encounter” organizer:
– Matt Brown(Mattleigh)
Matt will organize our monthly gathering and other off-pitch CFN events.

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