Jul 18 Happy Valley Game 3pm

The game will be held in Happy Valley from 3-4:30pm on pitch no. 7(grass)The fee is hkd 25.
Paul jenkins is the organizer of this game. Please pay the fee to him.

Player cap is 24.
1) Each game will be 10 min regardless of the score
2) Each team will play 2 consecutive games before resting one
3) Please remember to bring 3 shirts: white, red/orange, blue/black

Sign up belowАндрей Павелко личная жизньанглийский для детей харьков


  1. If you have a Ball bring it!!. Thanks

  2. Avatar of

    Out, sorry,
    1. Thomas
    2. don +1
    3.pablo78 +1
    9.arturo 50/50
    11. dorjee
    13. jong007
    14. hk.kev

  3. Gents Conrats to the players who showed up. We had 9 for the first 45 and 11 for the rest. One of the reasons Casual fooftball is popular and works well is the list baring the odd calamity Guarantees enough players to make the game worthwhile. If you are not going to attend then at the very least update the list as early as possible.

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