MOTM March 2011

The new Members of the Month for March are:
– Filippo
– Mike Ying

Almost 3 years ago(May 2008), Filippo’s online alter-ego Filigio replied on an expat forum that he was available to play on Sunday afternoon. At Tung Chung MTR exit is where I first met Filippo. Together with Matt and Robin we got lost and ended up at a concrete pitch next to the Tung Chung fire station. 30 minutes late, we finally arrived at the pitch and played the first game of a group, what later would be called HamsapFC. Back then we had a game once every 2-3 weeks, what later changed into weekly games. For almost 3 years, Fillipo has always supported the games and played almost every Sunday in 2009-mid 2010. We hope his schedule clears up a bit on Sundays again and he will return every week to the pitch with us!

Well, what can we say about Mike. I know Mike from the time of Hamsap FC’s early days. He played in Hamsap FC’s First game, First democratically voted Hamsap FC captain, First guy to start a HamsapFC facebook group, First guy to get banned from A lot of “Firsts”, you could say he is a pioneer. Mike always give it his all during the games, physically and especially verbally. You hate him or you love him, it seems there is nothing in between.

Personally, I can describe him as a great guy and great to have in the group. But when I lack in sleep, I can snap at him after he has said 2 sentences. After a period in The States, he returned and played with us again. Since a few months he is one of the most active members of CFN. Given his track record as a pioneer during the early days and his commitment in present day, he too deserves to be Member of the Month.

Congratulations guys!
As member of the month, they will play all our weekend games for free(Friday, Saturday and Sunday) and have priority sign up every week.

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  1. twinkletoes - March 5, 2011, 4:34 pm

    to be clear, i wasn’t banned from Hamsap FC, i was (the first of a few) to be banned from the damn website. what the hell happened to adam anyway?

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