Sunday Sep 2 Tung Chung 8v8 4.30pm

– All footwear is suited.
– Kick off at 430pm, game ends at 6pm
– Mike Ying(91075155) is the organizer of this game.
– The fee is 30
– Player cap is 16
– Please sign up for the waiting list if you did not sign up in time to make the cap.
– You have to leave your mobile phone number on your sign up in order for our organizers to contact you when there is a dropout. No number in the post= no waiting list
On game day. When you drop out you have to SMS/text the organizer on the above mentioned number. No text = no drop out, which will result in paying the game fee +penalty. drop out on the website is not accepted


  1. Avatar of Daniel

    Daniel - August 26, 2012, 1:52 pm

    1. Mike Y
    2. Lucian
    3. Dan
    4. Matthew
    5. Robin
    6. Nikhil
    7. Damian
    8. Mike C
    9. Peter
    10. Ghis 9843 3112
    11. Georgie
    12. Andrew Yap
    13. Roman
    14. Richard
    15. Alex w
    16.Hosung 62789700

    1. Hosung 62789700
    2. Sunil 94014505
    3. Shehzad 913 66150

    Daniel is out so I guess Hosung is next in. I have texted him.

  2. Avatar of Shehzad

    Shehzad - August 26, 2012, 1:55 pm

    Third on the waitlist, but can still play if needed…Waiting for a drop out.

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