Monday Oct 14 Happy Valley Game 7.45pm Pitch 14

The game will be held in Happy Valley from 7:45-9:30pm on pitch no. 14(carpet).
– Kick off at 8pm(please be there at 7:45 so we can organize the teams)
– Player cap is 16
– Organizer: Wayne(95007408)
– The fee is 60

– Please sign up for the waiting list if you did not sign up in time to make the cap.

Signing up

1. Sign-up by updating the complete sign-up list, by adding your name and the sequence number on this list
2. Add your telephone number if you are signing up for the waiting list
3. You can only sign up ONE +1.

Signing out
1. Sign out at least one day before the game(midnight): No consequences
2. Sign out on game day by text message/call: pays fee if we can’t find replacement. Payable next game you play
3. Sign out on game day on website: pays fee and penalty(game fee).
Payable next game you play
4. No show: HKD 200. Banned from all games allowed, until i have received their the 200 by bank transfer. fee goes to organizers at the end of every quarter. Waived if you have official proof of emergency

Before you sign up for this game, please read this


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    polooo - October 14, 2013, 5:31 pm

    . Wayne
    2. Pramod
    3. Milos
    4. Julien
    6. Hugo
    7. Raul 6388-8837
    8. S. Y. 5132-9509
    9.Punya 9079-1701
    10. King
    11. Mitch
    12. Jason
    13. Joshua
    14.Simon 95570722
    15. David W
    16. Sean 61130670
    17. Davy 96059036
    18. Roland 91237587
    19. Ant 6505 1276 (im in the valley so just buzz if you

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