No show hall of fame

We have had our share of people falling out after being confronted of not showing up. But some guys just deserve to be mentioned.

- Stephen Rouse
Director Business Development at Protocol First

Founder of Really Big Lights

Stephen signed up for a game on 14 May 2017 and was not reliable enough to show up or give us a heads up that he could not make it.


This is his last response:
(CFN admin):
Fact is u are on the list, so I am not going to spend more time on did u or did not sign up.

It is your choice to pay up to continue to play with us. Again, that is up to you.

Best regards, Wayne

(Stephen Rouse): Hey, this was in my draft messages from back in May. Doing some email cleanup and I wanted to send it because you’re a beta loser with a small d*ck and an even smaller bank account, and an even smaller number of people that give a f*ck about you.

Haha. F*ck you then! Other places to kick a ball. Go f*ck a duck.
Schermafbeelding 2018-03-02 om 10.54.58



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