Newsletter August 2010

Changes in Organization
Tugdual Iquel has joined our team of organizers and Wayne will step down from his organizing duties in the weekends. Jim will stay first organizer on Sunday and Arturo will become the first organizer on Saturday starting 31 July. Tugdual will organize Saturday and Sunday games when needed, when the first organizers are not available or when we have two sessions. Welcome to our team Tugdual
As you have noticed, we have more week day evening games now. Our goal is to have 1 week day game on Hong Kong Island and 1 in Tung Chung. The availability is dependent on the market. Now that he is not organizing games in the weekends anymore, Wayne will focus on getting the pitch bookings from our suppliers and create stable Casual Weekday action.

Tung Chung
The demand for our game in Tung Chung has been really high, which is great. We started playing our first games there, way before CFN was founded. So we are happy that we have put Tung Chung on the football map in Hong Kong.
To increase the supply, we will try to get 2 sessions every week:
If both or one of the sessions is in the afternoon, we will play a large session of 2.5hours(24 player cap)
If both sessions are in the evening, we will play 2 sessions(16 player cap each)

Team captains during the games
We would like to introduce this for all our games:
– Three team games: Captain selects the player for their teams and organize the subs
– Two team games: The organizer should be one of the captains during the game and he appoints another captain. They select the players for their own team

– No show: still pays the fee, next time he plays else he will not play
– Last minute dropouts, not later than 1.5h before the game. if he drops out within 1.5h and we can’t find a replacement: same applies as no shows.

Members of the month
We will reward our loyal players for their commitment to CFN. Therefore, starting in August, we will select 2 members of the month.

The first group of players that will be selected are players that has been playing with us before CFN started and never left for a long period
– Tung Chung regular(almost weekly) mar2009-nov2009
– Still play with us(almost weekly, if fit)
Once everyone from the above group has been MOTM already, we will select players(that play with us almost weekly) that have been playing with us since the start of CFN.

The members of the month will:
1. Have priority in sign up for all our games
2. Play all our weekend games, free of charge

See you at the pitch!

Wayne, on behalf of the CFN team

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