Become a CFN organizer!

As you may have heared, i will be moving to Shanghai at the end of this month.
I will remain involved with CFN, in terms of pitch bookings, website maintenance and further expansion of the organization.

Jim will takeover my role as a general organizer.

We are looking for more organizers to join the team for on-pitch organizing.

What do you have to do?
-(Print booking slip, usually unnecessary)Sign for the booking at the venue’s office
-Bring a ball
-Create the teams, make an effort to divide skills evenly
-Collect the fee
-Deposit/Transfer to fee to CFN’s bank account

What is your profile?
-Not a member of a football team in Hong Kong
-Able to play regularly on the game that you organize
-Maintain neutral
-Enjoy being the organizer!

What your benefits?
-Priority sign up for all the games(also if you are not the organizer of that game)
-Play for free on the games that you organize

We are ideally looking for 3 organizers per game, this means:
– 2 on Saturday, John E is the only organizer at the moment
– 2 or 3 on Sunday in HK island, Jim is the only organizer at the moment(but manages hamsap as well)
– 3 on Sunday in Tung Chung, Tim G is currently the only organizer(would like to stop organizing)

I will approach several regulars to become organizers, and would like to recruit through this post. Leave a message below or send me a text on 95007408 if you are interested!


  1. Avatar of Peter Lau

    Peter Lau - September 23, 2012, 2:55 pm

    Wayne. Can help out to organise game in tung chung, if needed.

    Lucian also lives nearby.

    All the best in shanghai.

    Peter. 3690 9500( you can leave message if I don t pick up)

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