New  website!

New website!

Hi Guys,

Our New site is up and running. There are some minor bugs to be fixed, but for now the site can be used fully.

– Sign-up system: One-click with FB
– Sign up for games: Also One-click with automated list, sign up instructions can be found here.
– Google map integration: Location map added to all events/games and directions look up
– Google Calendar: Click on the Google Calendar button to add the game to your Google Calendar(bug timezone: need to change time manually at the moment)
– New forum: Hope to achieve more interactivity with the new forum
– New galleries: Sync with Facebook galleries, user galleries to be added

– Easier to sign-up for an account
– Easier to sign up/out for games: Only start copy-pasting 1 day before the game
– New Layout: some adjustment time
– New members: They can only sign up with their Facebook account(Gmail account to be added later)
– Plus-Ones: Plus-Ones can only be added 1 day before the game. We want to give priority to players who take the effort to sign up. If your Plus-ones are serious about playing, they can One-Click sign up with facebook themselves(takes less than 5 minutes)

Please give your feedback, comments, bug reports by replying to this post! Thanks, Waynewinperstрецепты блюд в сковороде вок

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