Repost: Sign up and no shows

Hey guys, Sign November 2010 we have the following rules:

We have a high drop out rate and many players that do not show up(after signup or after others have signed him up).
This causes a lot of extra work for the organizers and also a lot of frustration among other players, as we end up without a sufficient amount of players to have a good game. Therefore, from now on:
– You can only sign up for one other player(not for organizers)
– No shows used to pay for the game they signed up, but now will pay an extra penalty for not showing up. If you have signed up for a game that costs 25 and you do not show up, you will pay 25+25 penalty. We prefer that you show up or drop out in time instead of taking your money, but if this encourages you to send the organizer a message, than we have no choice then to enforce it. Organizer’s number is always mentioned in the signup post.
Hope we can have some discipline again in this and have great games again with enough players. Thanks, Wayneлобановский александр дочьотправить смс с компьютера бесплатно

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