UPDATED: June news

100+ Members
I am very happy to announce that CFN is a community with more than 100 members since the beginning of this month. Since the website’s (re)launch in January, over 70 members signed up and many of these new members has become our regular players on Thursday, Saturday or Sunday. Thanks everyone, hopefully we can keep growing and have enough players every game, week in week out.
With 100+ members, the challenge is keep the quality of the game. Many of us have been frustrated due to overcrowded games. The demand for our games is getting higher than our offer. To fix this, from June onwards there will be some changes:
– A second game will be held on Sunday.
– Stricter signup policy
– Player cap during games
– Fee changes: Casual Saturdays HKD 25, Casual Sundays HKD 25-30, Weekdays HKD 30-45

Week day games
Our training sessions has come to an end due to the lack of interest. Weekday evening games will be organised instead. Limited by availability, we can’t guarantee one game per week, but it is what we aim for. The games will be held on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday and the fee will vary from HKD 40-50. Player cap will be 16.

Casual Saturday
To guarantee the quality of the games, from June onwards the cap will be 21 players (3 teams, 8 a side). The player cap is based on a 2 hour from 430pm-630pm. If we can’t get that timeslot, the player cap will be 16. The fee for these sessions will remain HKD 25.

Two games on Sundays
The Turnout at our Sunday game in Tung Chung has been great since January. This 90 minute session can’t hold the demand anymore. Therefore, from June onwards another game will be held in Happy Valley. The player cap for both games will be 16(21 if we have the 4:30 slot in Happy Valley) and the fee will be in par with our Saturday game at HKD 25-30.

World Cup Schedule
After a closer look at the world cup schedule, there is no reason to suspend our evening games on Sundays. No games of teams of interests are played on Sundays before 10pm.
The same applies to our Thursday sessions, except for 17 June, when Argentina plays.

Sign up for games
Our sign up policy will be stricter from June onwards. This is the only way to control our player cap for each game. Therefore, everyone has to signup for the games beforehand. You can still turn up without signing up; you can play if there are last minute dropouts. But if there aren’t last minute dropouts, we can’t guarantee that you can play. If you want to introduce someone to CFN, you can write +1 for his/her first two games. After two games, they have to sign up for their own account. Exceptions can be made for relatives/friends that are visiting Hong Kong, but you still have to add a +1 behind your name.

All the above will be evaluated at the end of June by the organizers and changes will be made if necessary.
If you have any comments, please talk to one of the organizers before/after the games, email me at info@casualfootball.net or call me on 95007408. Or, simply leave a comment below.

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