MOTM June 2011

Memet K
Memet is one of the original members of HamsapFC and one of the first members of the CFN community. Memet has been playing with the unofficial CFN since early 2009. Known for his great overview of the game and accurate passing, Memet contributed a lot to the quality of our games. He is a very respected member of the community by everyone who had the pleasure in meeting him.

Apart from football abilities, Memet founded MC Movie Crew, with our other Hall of Fame member Chris Chambers. Last year Memet has made a progress in his career and relocated to Shenzhen, unfortunately it means that he has not been active for the last few month. He is back for a visit this weekend and we are all looking forward to see him at the pitch again!

Arturo S
Arturo is one of the first members of the “contemporary” CFN and has been the main organizer of our Saturday games for many months. Recently, he has decided to take play more competitively by playing with HamsapFC on Saturdays. Therefore, he will not be able to organize/play our Saturday games anymore.

Given his contribution to the CFN community, we would like to honor him by granting him a spot in our Hall of Fame.

Members of the month will play all the weekend games(Friday, Saturday, Sunday) games free of charge and will receive a gift coupon of USD 20 from Fresh Group to spend on it’s webshop. Congratulations!


  1. Avatar of memetk

    memetk - June 3, 2011, 4:31 pm

    Wayne bro,

    Thanks for choosing me MOTM and your kind words. I am honored of being a member of Casual football . Casual Football made a differences in HK football life . Looking forward to see you all .

  2. Avatar of Arturo

    Arturo - June 3, 2011, 5:05 pm

    Thanks Wayne!! It has been great to be part of CFN! As Memet said, Casual Football makes a difference in HK football life. It gives you the chance of playing football each week, as well as having a lot of fun, and meeting new people! See ya in the pitch!!

  3. Avatar of Kimball

    Kimball - June 5, 2011, 6:14 pm

    Yay Memet!! Congrats Bro!!

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